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Our results speak for themselves! Let Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s law firm can build an experienced successful wrongful death team for you. Do the research and hire the best lawyers and best law firm for you!

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Other attorneys can charge up to 45% in early settlement fees – see what Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s firm can save you with our low 25% fee.*

















*Lower fees refer to early settlement fee of 25% in some car wreck and semi-truck wreck negligence cases, and select catastrophic injury cases, depending upon the facts of the case, including timing of settlement, especially in comparison to lawyers charging 1/3 to 45% in these early settlements. **Tax free in most jurisdictions and cases.

Wrongful death actions and lawsuits are controlled by state statute.

Because each state has unique laws, our team works with our pre-vetted wrongful death lawyers in each state to determine the best avenue to pursue in your case. There are specific rules and laws for wrongful death actions—almost all wrongful death actions are a subset of the type of case that caused the death.

Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s law firm will look for a lawyer or legal team that knows the specific subtype of wrongful death, such as semi-truck wreck and the state wrongful death laws. If an accident has resulted in the death of your loved one, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s law firm can evaluate your case and help you. We will work diligently to put together a quality team for you to maximize your recovery.

Low Fees. Multi-Million Dollar Results.

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

$65 Million Judgement

Wrongful Death

Semi-truck accident resulting in 3 deaths.

$6.3 Million Settlement

Wrongful Death

Semi-truck driver failed to slow or stop at traffic light, impacting plaintiffs vehicle, resulting in death.

$2.1 Million Settlement

Wrongful Death

Motor vehicle collision resulting in death.

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