Civil Justice.

Verdicts & Settlements

$2.1 Million Settlement

Wrongful Death

Motor vehicle collision resulting in death.

$6.3 Million Settlement

Wrongful Death

Semi-truck driver failed to slow or stop at traffic light, impacting plaintiffs vehicle, resulting in death.

$65 Million Settlement

Wrongful Death

Semi-truck accident resulting in 3 deaths.

$385,000 Settlement

Premises Liability

While walking into a business tripped on the entrance rug, resulting in several fractures.

$675,000 Settlement

Premises Liability

While purchasing farm supplies a forklift causes supplies to fall on our client, resulting in several fractures and surgeries.

$800,000 Settlement

Premises Liability

Working on a farm and was trampled by cattle. Sustained shoulder injuries that required surgery.

$25 Million Settlement

Premises Liability


$600,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Injuries

Driver pulled out in front of the motorcycle.

$4.8 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Injuries

Semi-truck hit motorcycle, causing severe injuries.

$250,000 Settlement

Workers’ Compensation

Motor vehicle collision while driving company vehicle.

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