Why You Need High-Dollar Uninsured Motorist Protection in Springfield, MO

For the over 4 million licensed drivers in Missouri, an accident isn’t a matter of if, it’s when. According to The Insurance Research Council, approximately 14% of all drivers in Missouri lack any or sufficient auto insurance coverage. As one of Missouri’s most prominent personal injury lawyers, Dr. Brad Bradshaw is here to share how drivers are protected with uninsured motorist (UM) protection in Springfield, MO.   


Unfortunately, for thousands of drivers a year, an accident with an uninsured motorist can involve a hit-and-run. If you’ve been affected by a hit-and-run, you can still use the law to your advantage with quick thinking and swift action. However, most insurance policies have a low dollar UM coverage limit. Not enough to cover all your injuries. Therefore, we recommend you get a higher-limit UM coverage policy. 

Here’s what you need to know for your uninsured motorist protection in Springfield, MO, to work correctly: 


Reporting the Accident

After any accident, you need to immediately report the hit-and-run to the police. This is required by law to help everyone involved in the accident. In the case of a hit-and-run, police will use your report to investigate the accident. Your report is crucial to your recovery, so make sure to clearly state as many details as possible. To learn more about what to do immediately following an accident, read our guide.

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Cover Your…

No matter what type of accident you’re in, filing a detailed claim with your insurance is highly important. As you file a claim related to uninsured motorist protection in Springfield, MO, you need to have as much proof as possible. 

Collect as much evidence at the scene as possible, and record any information that may help your claim, like time, location, and references. This can be used to identify the perpetrator and support your claim. We also recommend gathering information from any witnesses who can provide statements to identify the uninsured or underinsured driver and support your version of events.

Consult With an Attorney

Our team will help you navigate the legal system to enforce your rights and possibly locate the at-fault driver. With decades of experience in these cases, Dr. Brad Bradshaw can help protect your interests and get you the maximum compensation for damages and injuries. 



To prosecute uninsured motorists after a wreck, the most important facts that insurance companies and our team typically considers include the following:

  • Liability 

This determines who was at fault for the accident. Police and attorneys can thoroughly investigate your claim to find who was at fault. An important thing to remember in this case is that Missouri follows a rule called pure comparative negligence. This rule allows a crash victim to sue any time another motorist is even partly at fault for the crash.

  • Police Reports

These reports provide documentation of the accident that we can use to pursue a claim. Some of the best evidence we use in cases comes from data surrounding a police report. Dates, times, and other crucial details are all outlined in these reports.

  • Witness Testimony

While police are helpful, regular people can help prove your claim too! Statements from people who observed the incident are often gold mines of information for cases we pursue every day. 

  • Damages

These are determined by the impact your accident had on your livelihood. We can help you build an assessment of vehicle damage, personal injury, and more based on your unique case..

  • Evidence of Loss

To build a strong case to your insurance company, you’ll need documentation of medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial impacts. Many insurance companies will try to pay the lowest amount possible, which is why having clear figures is so crucial to your recovery.

We combine all of these important factors to help our clients make a strong case to their insurance company and get life back on track. If you believe you’re being treated unfairly by insurance, our team of attorneys uses the law to its fullest extent to get the maximum compensation through your uninsured motorist protection in Springfield. 

It’s the Law

In Missouri, the law requires drivers to have uninsured motorist coverage. If a driver is caught without proper insurance, they can face some serious penalties. Here are a few of the repercussions drivers can expect if they drive uninsured in the Show Me State:


  • Fines

These are financial penalties for driving without the required insurance. Typically, the first offense is $20. But it can go up to $400 by the third offense. This is only the fine related to uninsured motorist protection in Springfield; drivers are also subject to other fines, including driving under the influence, moving violations, and more.

  • Suspension

This isn’t like the type of suspension you got in high school! Your driving privileges and vehicle registration can be suspended for up to a year if you lack proper insurance. If you have too many points on your license that are too close together, you can also lose your license indefinitely!

  • Points on License 

With every infraction without insurance, 4 points get added to your license. This can lead to increased insurance premiums and much worse if you rack up enough points! Just 8 points in an 18-month period will revoke your license in Missouri. These penalties aim to enforce the state’s mandatory insurance laws and ensure that everyone carries the required insurance.

  • SR-22 Requirement

If convicted of any serious moving violation in Missouri, you may be ordered to carry an SR-22 certificate. This means that you have to file an additional form through your insurance agency that shows you have adequate insurance. This typically comes with much higher premiums than typical insurance policies.

The Dr. Brad Bradshaw Difference


Having adequate insurance can mean the difference between staying safe on the road and being forced off of it permanently. Our team of attorneys mean the difference between being stuck with a huge recovery bill and holding drivers or insurance companies accountable. To see the difference we can make in your case, get your free case review online, or contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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