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If you’re in an accident with a truck driver, recovering may feel like a mountain that’s even harder to climb if you’re injured. To get the justice you deserve, you need an experienced guide to show you the way. That’s why Brad Bradshaw digs deep into the details as he shares the details of a case our tractor-trailer injury lawyers in Kansas City won. 

The Accident

Snow days in the Midwest are great for sledding and staying cozy, but for commuters, they can quickly become dangerous. With whiteout conditions making it unsafe to continue, our driver pulled off the highway onto an exit ramp. 

They made sure to pull towards the top of the overpass, then onto the shoulder, and finally parked with their hazard lights on. This driver did the right thing by following the rules of the road and waiting for conditions to improve. Unfortunately, they were unable to prepare for what happened next.

An 18-wheeler careened out of control onto the exit ramp and slammed into the rear end of another driver. This set off a chain reaction that struck our driver’s vehicle with so much force that it caused traumatic injuries. 

After receiving medical attention, our driver knew they needed to reach out to a tractor-trailer injury lawyer in Kansas City. But with high-powered defense lawyers surrounding the driver and the trucking company, they faced the same mountain many victims face following an accident.

The Facts

Almost as quickly as the accident occurred, the defense insurance lawyers said it was an unavoidable accident. But that didn’t stop Brad Bradshaw from getting the real facts surrounding the accident. 

After a thorough investigation, we obtained GPS data and were able to show the defendant driver was speeding. This not only proved that the truck driver was at fault, but it also proved that they committed an infraction by going too fast for the conditions.

As we reviewed the trucking company’s internal training material, we found that the driver ignored the company’s recommendations to slow down in such conditions. More importantly, these protocols also directed drivers to find a spot to slowly and safely pull off the road in the exact situation that led to our driver suffering injuries. 

While we handled this case, we ensured our driver had access to an experienced spinal specialist. That specialist discovered our driver had a herniated disc in his back and required additional medical care. 

The Fight

With so much evidence in our driver’s favor, our tractor-trailer injury lawyers in Kansas City convinced the trucking company to settle without a trial. This was where dealing with experienced attorneys became crucial to the outcome of this case. 

Initially, the insurance company said that our driver merely had whiplash and only offered $40,000. By presenting the facts from our investigation, we proved that our driver had more extensive injuries. 

We also used the trucking company’s own rules against them. By proving that their driver had not followed proper protocol, the company was found liable under Federal Motor Carrier Administration Rules and Regulations (FMCSARs). Without a leg to stand on, the defendants had to settle for much more than they were initially willing to.

The Aftermath

Through detailed investigations and tenacity in settlement negotiations, we got the driver over $1,000,000 for their complete recovery. While many other tractor-trailer injury lawyers in Kansas City would be happy to take the $40,000 initial offer, we always fight for what’s right. 

That’s why we prioritize thorough investigations and present all the facts. By settling this case the Brad Bradshaw way, we got the driver over 25 times what the trucking company initially offered!

Win the Brad Bradshaw Way

Since 1995, Brad Bradshaw has built a reputation as the most respected tractor-trailer injury lawyer in Kansas City. By finding all the facts and getting maximum results, Brad Bradshaw is undefeated when it comes to 18-wheeler injury cases. To fully recover after your accident, there’s only one way to win, but there’s two ways to get in touch.

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