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Nebraska Personal Injury Attorneys

Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm is committed to ensure all of our clients have highly qualified and experienced personal injury lawyers at their disposal in the Nebraska jurisdiction.

Trusted Legal Representation

We help ensure the success of your case thanks to our allied attorneys—each of whom are thoroughly vetted for experience, expertise, and results.


We can align you with an appropriate lawyer best suited to advise your case in rural Nebraska, or any of the following cities: Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Fremont, Hastings, Norfolk, North Platte, Columbus, and many others.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a personal injury case, trust Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm to maximize your personal and financial recovery.




More Than Just Legal Representation

Founder Dr. Brad Bradshaw has the unique distinction of being a licensed physician, surgeon, and attorney—meaning that clients get the benefit of layered expertise with their case.

This added perspective and extensive knowledge base extends to each of our allied attorneys across the country, allowing for a comprehensive approach to personal injury cases. Our mission is always to obtain the largest possible settlement or verdict for our clients, while charging industry-low fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Injury Law In Nebraska

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What are important things to remember after I've been injured?

What do I do if I was injured in another state but I live in Nebraska?

Do I have to pay anything to see if I have a Nebraska personal injury case?

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