Personal Injury Attorneys In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys

Let Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm build a skilled, seasoned personal injury team for you—including an allied lawyer in the Massachusetts jurisdiction.

A New Perspective on Personal Injury Law

Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm seeks to maximize your personal and financial recovery after a personal injury—by ensuring that you are awarded the highest settlement or verdict possible.

To achieve this goal, we ally with vetted attorneys from all corners of Massachusetts, including: Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, Lowell, Brockton, New Bedford, Quincy, Lynn, Fall River, and many other cities and towns.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, contact us today and let us build you an experienced team of legal counsel to get you the largest recovery possible.



About Our Law Firm

Our founder, Dr. Brad Bradshaw, is a licensed physician, attorney, and surgeon.

His layered expertise affords him a unique perspective on personal injury law and allows him to use his skills both in and out of the courtroom to better understand your case. This dedication extends through all of our allied attorneys across the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves in putting the highest net recovery back into your pocket through our expert skills and industry-low fees.

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FAQs On Massachusetts Personal Injury Law

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