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With our unique perspective on personal injury law and our broad reach, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm can build an experienced, successful personal injury team for you.

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Our team of experienced attorneys know what it takes to win personal injury cases.

We can pair you with personal injury attorneys in Maine who we’ve thoroughly vetted as qualified. Our contacts include excellent allied attorneys in rural Maine as well as the following cities: Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, and many others.

If you’ve been injured, let us help you. We will evaluate your case and put together the best possible team to win you the largest settlement or verdict possible.



A New Take On Personal Injury Law

Dr. Brad Bradshaw, the founder of Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm, is a successful physician, surgeon, and attorney.

His unique perspective allows him and his associates to advise personal injury cases in a court of law with additional medical expertise. We work with allied attorneys across the Unites States and Canada to help personal injury victims maximize their recovery with the highest financial compensation possible.

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Personal Injury Law FAQs In Maine

Are there different types of financial compensation?

What do I do after I've been injured?

How do I find out if I have a personal injury case in Maine?

What if I live in Maine, but I was injured in another state?

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