Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers in Illinois

Illinois Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys

If a motorcycle accident has caused an injury to you or a loved one in Illinois, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s team of experienced lawyers can help you.

The best motorcycle accident injury lawyers

Motorcycle accident injuries are particularly catastrophic, and too often fatal. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, trust Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm to put together the best legal team equipped to advise your case and maximize your financial recovery.

Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm allies with experienced, vetted motorcycle accident injury lawyers local to Illinois.

We can pair you with an appropriate attorney based on your location in any of the following cities: Chicago, Aurora, Joliet, Naperville, Rockford, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin, Champaign, Waukegan, Cicero, Bloomington, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Bolingbrook, and many others.

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If a motorcycle accident has caused an injury to you or a loved one in Illinois, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm can pair you with an allied workers’ compensation injury attorney. Call now or get started with a Free Case Review.

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Benefits of Choosing Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm

Vetted Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers

Thoroughly vetting is a key aspect of our approach to successful outcomes. Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm takes the guesswork out of finding accomplished motorcycle accident injury lawyers in Illinois. We research, find, and ally with trial lawyers who have proven knowledge in these cases, both in settlements and litigation, so we can partner you with the right attorney wherever you are in the state.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers

Having experience with successfully handling motorcycle accident injury cases is essential in the attorneys we partner with in Illinois. You get the best results with a team that already knows what they are doing and has done it successfully before.


Nothing proves success like results, and we aren’t the only ones who keep track of the results of Illinois lawyers we ally with. Insurance companies keep these lists as well and often have more respect for, and sometimes pay much larger settlements to, lawyers with a track record of big verdicts.


With Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm, you never have to worry about your lawyer not staying on top of your case or not returning your calls. We answer our phones all hours of day and night because we know how important it is for our clients to get the answers they need.

Our workers’ compensation injury law process

In Illinois, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm allies with successful attorneys through the Illinois Association for Justice. Our impressive team of legal counsel has recovered over 5 million dollars for injured motorcyclists across the state.

Illinois motorcycle accident injury cases require an understanding of most federal and unique state laws, as well as a level of medical expertise. Dr. Brad Bradshaw, attorney, physician, and surgeon, uses his background in both medicine and law to advise motorcycle accident injury cases.

Legal fees for Dr. Brad Bradshaw and associates start as low as 25%, putting thousands more dollars of your settlement back into your pocket. Our ultimate goal is to award you the highest possible net recovery by putting together an experienced team of attorneys best fit for your case.

Real Motorcycle Accident Injury Results

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

$4.8 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Injuries

Semi-truck hit motorcycle, causing severe injuries.

$600,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Injuries

Driver pulled out in front of the motorcycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Motorcycle Accident Injury Law

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in Illinois, hire an injury attorney who understands medically, professionally, and personally. Dr. Bradshaw rides a motorcycle himself and often allies with other attorneys who ride motorcycles in these cases.

We will put together a qualified team of allied lawyers, often with an attorney on the team who is a motorcycle rider themself. Motorcycle knowledge helps with understanding how the rules of the roadway were broken. Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm has represented thousands of clients over the past several decades, recovering thousands to millions of dollars per client.

The insurance companies know that we can and will try cases for our clients, sometimes resulting in insurance companies paying our clients more money than they would pay other less successful lawyers in similar circumstances. Our fees often start at 25%. Compare that to lawyers who charge 36% to 40%.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data for 2016 shows 5,286 people were killed in motorcycle crashes, which is an average of 14 people per day. Even minor motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries. When injured in a motorcycle accident, hire an attorney who knows the laws and also rides. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. It can affect every aspect of your life, from your ability to work to being able to care for your family. With the rising cost of medical care, treating those injuries can also be expensive.

Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm, to the extent possible, is committed to helping people recover the lives they had before they were injured. We help our clients get the medical treatment they need, now and in the future, and make sure they are justly compensated for their financial losses. While we understand the best results for our clients are usually obtained without the necessity of a costly trial, we are not afraid to take on the insurance companies and fight as hard and long as we need to obtain the outcome our clients deserve.

In many motorcycle cases, the wreck is due to a car driver’s failure to pay attention. The insurance company will sometimes try to place the motorcyclist at fault when it was, in fact, the driver of the car who “failed to see” the motorcycle. We fight to prove the true nature of the wreck, helping you get a full financial recovery.

In some cases, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm will hire an accident reconstructionist to take pictures and measurements of the accident scene and reconstruct how the wreck occurred. This is to help strengthen your claim and recovery against the insurance company. Dr. Brad Bradshaw and his allied Illinois attorneys have experience investigating motorcycle injury wrecks to ensure that you know all your legal rights.

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