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Illinois Dangerous Drug and Medical Device Injury Law

If you’ve been injured in an Illinois dangerous drug and medical device injury, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s team of experienced lawyers can help you.

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Through our partnership with the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm allies with experienced, vetted attorneys from all across the state who have proven records of success in dangerous drug and medical device cases. 

We will evaluate your case, and match you with an appropriate attorney best fit to maximize your financial recovery.

No matter where you are in Illinois, we can help you and your loved one who have been affected by dangerous drugs and medical devices. We will provide legal representation for Illinois residents in rural areas, or any of the following cities: Chicago, Aurora, Joliet, Naperville, Rockford, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin, Champaign, Waukegan, Cicero, Bloomington, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Bolingbrook, and many others.

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If you are in need of representation in Illinois after an injury caused by a dangerous drug or medical device, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm can help you. Call now or get started with a Free Case Review.

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Vetted dangerous drug and medical device injury lawyers

Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm is committed to taking the guesswork out of finding a quality, experienced dangerous drug and medical device injury lawyer. We will research, vet, and pair you with allied attorneys who specialize in medical malpractices related to your case, have records of success, and are knowledgeable in both litigation and settlements. No matter where you are in Illinois, we can match you with an attorney who is highly focused on your case, and well-equipped to maximize your financial recovery. As part of our vetting process, we look for dangerous drug and medical device related medical malpractice injury lawyers who have handled these types of cases successfully. You want a team that already knows what they are doing and has done it successfully before. Having trust in your legal team is something we prioritize when choosing allied attorneys to match with your unique case. Proven success inspires confidence in clients seeking justice.

Medical Expertise

Dr. Brad Bradshaw is a trained physician, surgeon, and attorney, with expertise in trauma surgery specifically. Through relationships with leading medical and legal experts across the world, he has built a foundation of knowledge unmatched by any other law practice. Dr. Brad Bradshaw and his team’s wealth of knowledge is a powerful tool both in and out of the courtroom. In addition to maximizing the financial recovery of his clients, he has also aided in their physical recovery by helping them secure treatment and therapy at some of the leading hospitals in the country.


Nothing proves success like results. We keep track of the results of Illinois lawyers we ally with and can provide a list of settlements and verdicts. This information is essential because insurance companies also keep track of these results. They often have more respect for, and are more likely to, pay large settlements to Illinois injury attorneys who have a track record of winning their clients big judgements and settlements. Our job is to match you and your case to the right lawyer with proven success.


Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s associates and allied lawyers are available to their clients 24/7, because we understand the importance of being fully informed at every stage of your litigation, and in case of emergencies. We vow to be as committed to your case as you are, and do everything we can to ensure that it continues to move forward as expeditiously as possible.

Our medical device injury law process

When it comes to legal crises involving medical care, you want experienced, knowledgeable, and successful attorneys on your side. 

Dr. Brad Bradshaw is an accomplished attorney, physician, and surgeon. His dual background in the legal and medical fields affords him and his team invaluable expertise in handling medical malpractice lawsuits, specifically related to dangerous drugs or medical devices.

Each of our allied attorneys are equipped with these resources as well. Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm thoroughly vets each lawyer we partner with, so you can be sure that your legal counsel is experienced, skilled, and well-qualified to advise your case. Our collective goals are to maximize your personal and financial recovery by making sure that you are awarded the highest settlements possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I've been injured by a dangerous drug or medical device in Illinois?

What are some important things to know about a dangerous drug or medical device claim in Illinois?

What are the different types of compensation?

Contextualizing Dangerous Drug and Medical Device Law

Prior to distributing or using drugs and medical devices, pharmaceutical companies are responsible for performing advanced testing to ensure the safety of the products. This could be clinical trials, or other forms of blind studies.

When pharmaceutical companies fail to uphold these responsibilities, Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm holds them accountable. Dangerous drug and medical device malpractice lawsuits result when patients are injured as a result of a drug or medical device that was not properly tested and vetted.

Dangerous drug and medical device cases are occasional brought to the state court, but often must be heard by a federal court. Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm can evaluate your case and help you assess whether state or federal action is appropriate. Some federal cases are maintained in Multi-district Litigation (MDL). This means they are handled across multiple jurisdictions in select areas. MDLs are highly technical forms of litigation, and require skilled legal counsel with prior experience. Vetted, allied lawyers from Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm can match you with an appropriate attorney who has a record of success with dangerous drug and medical device cases before. We can also help you assess whether an Illinois-specific lawyer or an MDL is better suited.

As you can imagine, dangerous drug and medical device cases are often scientifically dense cases that require an enormous amount of legal discovery. All attorneys at Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm can draw on Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s accomplishments in both the legal and medical field to advise your case with an invaluable perspective. To give examples, Dr. Brad Bradshaw has successfully litigated dangerous drug cases involving hormone replacement therapy and defective artificial hips, and a defective device case regarding a radiosurgery tool that result in radiation overdoses in many hospital patients.

Millions of American rely on medical drugs and devices for treatment, therapy, and recovery. Multinational pharmaceutical companies are heavily aware of this, and make billions of dollars each year selling their products to those in need. Intentionally withholding information about their drug or device’s potential side effects or efficacy, we must hold them accountable for their negligence.

Litigation involving medical entities can be especially complicated. Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm is here to help you navigate the legal system, keep your questions answered, and make sure you are informed at every step of the process. If you or a loved one has been injured by a medical drug or device, find out if you are entitled to financial compensation, and trust Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s Law Firm to guide you in maximizing your personal and financial recovery.

There is no cost for an initial consultation, and all calls and questions are confidential. Below is a list of the cases we are currently investigating; if you’re injured by any of the following drugs or devices, contact our office.

  • Androgel
  • Essure Birth Control
  • Hernia Repair Mesh
  • Invokana
  • IVC Filters
  • Levaquin
  • Nexium/Prilosec/Prevacid
  • Onglyza and Kombiglyze XR
  • Opioid Addicted Infants
  • Risperdal
  • Tasigna
  • Taxotere
  • Truvada
  • Victoza
  • Zofran

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