Our Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers in Kansas City

Whether it’s your daily commute or the road trip of your dreams, staying safe on the highway is crucial for all drivers. Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life everywhere we go. If you or a loved one have been hurt or worse because of a big rig blunder, you deserve justice. As the most prominent semi-truck accident lawyer in Kansas City, Brad Bradshaw is here to share the details surrounding these cases.

The Day After

After any accident, especially one involving a semi-truck, it’s common to feel a sense of shock and disbelief. Whether you’re confined to a hospital room or suffering in your own home, an accident affects every aspect of your life. Take the time you need to get any medical attention you need, then take a breath and talk to a semi-truck accident lawyer in Kansas City.

The Facts

As we discuss your accident, details are incredibly important. The clearer you are, the better our team can help you. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when discussing your case:

Who is involved?

This may seem trivial, but our team needs to know how many people are affected as a direct result of this accident. Victims’ rights matter in every case we pursue, so we’ll need to know who is injured and the details surrounding their injuries.

How are you affected?

While physical injury or death are the most prevalent effects after an accident, damages can go deeper than most people are initially aware of. Emotional distress and financial turmoil are important to share as well when discussing the details of your accident. If you’re unable to work or have to plan a funeral, bills and trauma are nothing to take on alone.

What happened in this accident? 

As hard as it may be to recant the events that led to your injury, we need to know as much as we can about your accident. By having as many details as possible, your semi-truck accident lawyer in Kansas City can more effectively take on your case.  We recommend that you collect detailed documentation to prove property damage and further explain the causes of your injury.

When did this take place?

This is one of the most crucial details to initially share with our team. With this information, we can begin to build a timeline as we dig deeper into your case. Getting your accident case number from the police will help. But if you don’t have it, knowing when and where your accident took place will help your semi truck accident lawyer in Kansas City investigate your claim.

Where did your accident happen?

Finally, you’ll want to share where your accident occurred. This will help our team determine who can help you and the laws surrounding your accident. Many semi-truck accident lawyers in Kansas City regularly have to oversee cases on both the Missouri and Kansas sides, but few have experience in all 50 states. That’s why Brad Bradshaw’s team is your best resource when diving deeper into your case.

The Law

Finding a respected lawyer with deep knowledge of these laws is essential. Which is why hundreds of victims across the nation trust our firm. With a 100% win rate and decades of experience, Brad Bradshaw is one of the most respected lawyers in the nation. Every victim deserves justice, which is why you can’t afford to waste time and money on just any semi truck accident attorney in Kansas City.


Across America, Dr. Bradshaw is a trusted resource for victims and other lawyers alike. As the 2010–2011 chairperson of the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group (ITLG), he led over 400 trial lawyers to fight oppressive insurance and trucking companies and get justice for victims. His unparalleled experience and knowledge of Federal Motor Carrier Administration Rules and Regulations (FMCSARs) make Brad Bradshaw a national authority on laws surrounding trucking accidents.

The Damages

As we stated before, sometimes the damages go deeper than victims think. This is why having an experienced semi truck accident lawyer in Kansas City is so important. Dr. Bradshaw and our team of attorneys are all well-versed in the potential damages victims suffer in these cases. Most cases break down into 2 types of damages caused by an accident.


These are the most prevalent types of damage that directly impact a victim of an accident. Medical bills, loss of property, and changes to your home all impact your financial well-being. To understand your economic impact, we’ll discuss your typical expenses and any financial hardships that your accident has caused. This is one of the easiest types of damage to prove because numbers don’t lie. 

Compensatory Damages

You may have also heard the term “compensatory damage” when discussing your case. This term is used to describe the sum it will take to get you back to where you were financially before the accident. However, there is often another type of damage that is much harder to determine when you’re struggling to recover.


To recover things that money can’t buy, you need an experienced semi truck accident lawyer in Kansas City. Peace of mind, emotional hardships, and a loved one’s life are hard to replace after an accident. That’s why our team works tirelessly to understand any current or future pain and suffering you have incurred—we’re here to get the justice you deserve.

Wrongful Death

An injury is one thing—the loss of a loved one is something entirely different. This makes it intensely difficult to include deaths in a truck accident suit. In these cases, we may opt to include a wrongful death suit as well to ensure victims get the compensation and closure they deserve.


Some of the most impactful damages we commonly seek are considered punitive. These damages allow us to get additional compensation to punish the trucking company for egregious behavior and oversights. Pursuing these damages not only gets victims the justice they need, they also hold trucking companies responsible for preventing future accidents. 

Our Process

No matter the case, Brad Bradshaw is devoted to treating everyone with the utmost respect and courtesy. We believe that the right conversations make all the difference in any legal matter, so we start every case with a consultation. To start your claim, discuss your case over the phone or in person with any of our semi truck accident lawyers in Kansas City. 

Our experienced team will discuss the facts of your case to determine who to hold liable, how to prove your claim, and what you need to be made whole again. After we discuss the crucial details of your case, we’ll explain our transparent settlement fees. While other semi truck accident attorneys in Kansas City can cost almost half of your settlement, Brad Bradshaw is more committed to getting justice than a huge paycheck.

Fee Structure

Our ultimate goal is a successful outcome at a low fee to give you the highest net recovery in your pocket. Lower fees refer to early settlement fees of 25% in some car wreck and semi-truck wreck negligence cases and select catastrophic injury cases. This is all dependent upon the facts of the case, including the timing of the settlement. 

While other attorneys may charge up to 45% in early settlement fees, we keep ours low to provide the compensation our clients deserve. For example, in a $100,000 settlement, other attorneys may charge up to $45,000! Our settlement fee of $25,000, which in this case gets you $20,000 more to recover comfortably.

The Outcome

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed outcome for many legal matters. That’s why finding the right semi truck accident lawyer in Kansas City is so important. Experience, tenacity, and knowledge are all important in achieving your desired settlement. 

Our team of attorneys works together to settle without going to trial to allow victims the time and privacy they need to heal. We keep our clients out of the headlines, but with settlements like these, it’s no secret why Brad Bradshaw’s firm is one of the most respected in the country.

$65 Million

In this case, a semi-truck crashed into a car stopped in traffic. The car was occupied by an older married couple and their young granddaughter. Sadly, the tractor-trailer killed all occupants of the vehicle on impact. While investigating this case, our team of semi truck accident lawyers in Kansas City found that the truck driver at fault was over his limit for hours of service, in addition to reports that stated he never slowed before crashing into the stopped vehicle.

Driving over the federally regulated limit of hours is a direct violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations. The driver’s fatigue played a fatal role in his negligence that led to the loss of 3 lives. To compensate the surviving family, we sought and won the maximum settlement for the wrongful death associated with this semi-truck accident.

$4.5 Million

In a different case, a semi-truck was making a turn into a parking lot when it struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian became caught under the axle of the truck and was dragged for 50 feet, causing multiple fractures. The plaintiff underwent numerous surgeries and was left with severe trauma.

To hold the truck driver accountable, we thoroughly inspected the site of the incident, gathered reports, and presented all medical documentation. The work of our semi-truck accident lawyers in Kansas City helped this victim get back to a normal life. 

We strive to help everyone recover their losses after an accident and hold those at fault accountable. That’s why our firm is trusted by thousands of people around the US and Canada every day.

The One to Trust

There are many semi-truck accident lawyers in Kansas City, but there’s only one Brad Bradshaw. Since 1995, he’s successfully represented hundreds of victims and their families alongside his team of specialized lawyers. With backing from the ITLG and decades of experience, Brad Bradshaw brings unmatched knowledge and true Midwest courtesy to every case. As a proud Missouri native, Dr. Bradshaw serves true American justice with every win.

Fighting to Make Things Right

If you’ve been injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you need the right people to fight for you. Brad Bradshaw is here to listen, advocate, and make things right again for you. To learn more about your case, get a free case review or call our office for a free consultation.


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