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What should you look for in a truly experienced medical malpractice attorney? Why not learn from one of the best in the United States? 

Brad Bradshaw is one of the nation’s foremost medical malpractice attorneys because of his deep understanding of the medical world. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a medical provider’s negligence, it’s time to give us a call. Here’s everything you need to know about your case from an experienced medical malpractice attorney:

When to Call the Dr.

Whether it’s a serious illness or a life-altering injury, it’s best to call the doctor right away. But if your provider fails to meet the standard of care, you need a different kind of doctor. 

Dr. Brad Bradshaw has built his reputation fighting for the rights of those mistreated by the medical industry. We’ll get more into his experience later, but first feel free to call our office with any questions, or read on to learn how we win the Brad Bradshaw way.

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Medical Malpractice Defined

Before we dig into the details of your case, it’s important to understand some key phrases and words you don’t typically hear every day. We’ll help you decipher these terms and phrases as we go, but first, let’s build a fundamental understanding of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice happens when a healthcare professional or entity causes an injury to someone through a negligent act or an omission of vital information. To be considered actionable, we need to answer three key questions. 

  1. What violations of the standard of care took place? 
  2. What injury or injuries resulted from the accused negligence?
  3. What damages occurred as a direct or indirect result of the violation?

What You’ll Need

Before we start your claim, it’s important to know what you’ll need throughout your case. Our team of medical malpractice attorneys is here to get everything you deserve in compensation for your losses. To build your case, we start by gathering as much evidence as possible.


Brad Bradshaw begins every case by asking the right questions and investigating your claim thoroughly. The best way to start illustrating your case is to go back to where it all began. By looking at your medical records and asking the following questions, our medical malpractice attorneys can work to build your case:

Who were your providers?

For starters, we’ll need to know who was taking care of you and where you were. Regardless of your medical malpractice claim, it’s essential to know who was responsible and where they practice. From nurses and medical directors to corporations and state organizations, a medical malpractice attorney can help you hold everyone accountable.

What did they do?

As we find who is at fault, we’ll dive deep into your medical history and records to find out how their negligence impacted you. Any medical malpractice attorney can argue that you’ve been injured, but few can explain clinical findings in plain terms. This is where Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s medical experience comes in. 

With highly specialized training in trauma surgery and a CME in Birth Trauma from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Bradshaw is a leading clinical authority on medical malpractice. His experience is what drives our team of medical malpractice attorneys as we dig deeper into the details of your claim. When proving this part of any malpractice claim, we focus on one complex and crucial word.


Def. A connection that proves the person/people at fault are negligent in your injury.

To find a direct link between the providers you trusted and your injury, it’s best to leave the details to a doctor. Because of Dr. Bradshaw’s experience, our entire team of medical malpractice attorneys has a deep understanding of the inner workings of a hospital. By understanding the chain of contact patients have, we work to prove two key aspects of causation:

  1. The link between the liable party and the injury that you suffered.
  2. The link that connects the actions of the liable party directly to your injuries.

Causation is one of the most difficult parts to prove in a case without the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney. That’s why Dr. Brad Bradshaw ensures everyone feels supported and educated throughout their case. The level of support our clients experience is what sets our practice apart from other law firms.


We work hard to educate our clients on developments and details surrounding their case. However, medically related cases require more than just hard evidence to responsibly serve justice. That’s where Dr. Brad Bradshaw’s clinical expertise works to help people truly heal throughout their case.

Professional Insights

As we go over the details of your case, it’s common to come across information that’s hard to digest. Medical terminology can feel like a foreign language for most, but to Dr. Bradshaw, it’s textbook knowledge. 

Our practice can communicate complex details with experts, and translate them for our clients and courtrooms to understand. This works to educate our clients and lay out all the facts to a jury. We don’t expect everyone involved to be an expert in medical malpractice law, so we’re always here to answer questions throughout your case.

Here for the Long Haul

We won’t lie to you; some medical malpractice cases can take years to fully get the justice our clients deserve. While we’d love every case to wrap up in an hour like TV fiction, medical malpractice is very real to our victims and their families. These cases can take months to gather evidence, prosecute everyone involved, and reach a settlement. 

With this in mind, our medical malpractice attorneys work to build your unique timeline in your initial consultation and stay in close contact throughout your case. To discuss your case and expectations, feel free to call us at any time.



In any medical malpractice case, our entire team is focused on helping our clients recover in peace while we do the heavy lifting. In one of our most memorable cases, we finished the fight that many lawyers weren’t able to. Here are the basics of what happened:

Case Study

After being turned down by other inexperienced medical malpractice attorneys, a family reached out to us with a very difficult situation. The hospital they trusted withheld vital information following an injury that happened on their watch. While the hospital was hoping to sweep the case under the rug, Dr. Bradshaw stepped in to investigate. 

By thoroughly examining the details of the plaintiff’s visit to the hospital, we were able to build a strong case and bring the hospital to justice. As our team cross-examined all parties involved, we found that the hospital was, in fact, hiding information. 

After we exposed the truth, the hospital quickly settled without a lengthy trial. Getting justice isn’t always easy, but Brad Bradshaw works tirelessly to get everyone who trusts us on the road to recovery.   

The Road to Recovery

So what does that road look like for you? It may be difficult to imagine how you can get your life back on track after a medical accident, but we assure you, there is hope. To plan your path to recovery, Dr. Brad Bradshaw is happy to share every step with you.

Start Here

In every medical malpractice case, we start with an easy, confidential conversation. Since we prioritize courtesy for every claim, we’ll only ask you to disclose details you feel comfortable sharing. We understand the weight these cases can have on the hearts of victims and their families, so if some details are too difficult to share, we’ll just need a few key things to initially understand your case:

  1. The victims’ past and current medical records.
  2. Details about where and when the incident took place.
  3. A brief description of your conditions before and after your visit.
  4. Permission to review your medical information.

Beginning Your Litigation

With a deep understanding of your case, we can move forward by filing a suit. At this stage, your medical malpractice attorney will discuss your options and help build expectations for a timeline of your case. 

Since every case is as unique as the people involved, there is no typical expectation for how long your case may take. There are hundreds of different causes for medical malpractice cases, but these are the most common examples our office sees all too often:

  • Birth Trauma

The miracle of life is a dream come true for millions of parents. But when a family experiences complications during or after the birth process, the lasting effects can turn into a living nightmare. Complications during pregnancy can cause lasting effects, ranging from deformities to disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Dr. Brad Bradshaw is one of the nation’s leading experts in birth trauma as a physician and a medical malpractice attorney. With his clinical and legal expertise guiding victims through every step of this difficult journey, our entire team helps families get justice.

For more details: Ask a Birth Trauma Lawyer
  • Surgical Mistakes

For surgeons, it’s not a matter of if they make a mistake, it’s a matter of when. Even the most highly trained surgeons in the world are susceptible to mistakes. To hold them accountable for trauma and injuries, our medical malpractice attorneys work with the top surgical experts in the nation to investigate any possible causes.

  • Misdiagnosis

Even the most seasoned physicians are still humans. This means that sometimes they can, unfortunately, misdiagnose patients who trust them. By reviewing charts and your history, our team of medical malpractice attorneys can investigate your case with experts to clearly define the error that was made. 

With extensive medical experience and deep ties with other national experts, Dr. Brad Bradshaw is always ready to hold doctors accountable for their oversights.

Getting Closure

No matter the cause of your injury, you deserve to recover comfortably. When possible, we will opt for a settlement to make your recovery as quick and complete as possible. In every case our medical malpractice attorneys oversee, getting closure is more important than a big payday for our firm. Your attorney will share details about your unique settlement fees in your consultation to give you the clarity and closure you deserve. 

Who is Dr. Brad Bradshaw?

So who makes our team of medical malpractice attorneys one of the most successful in the nation? Dr. Brad Bradshaw is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on birth trauma. As a proud Missouri native, he’s one of the youngest graduates ever from the accelerated medical program at the UMKC School of Medicine. Upon graduation, he completed his residency at the University of Hawaii. In addition to surgical training, he also specializes in internal medicine and psychiatry with certification in Clinical Obstetrics from Harvard Medical School. 


On top of all that, Dr. Bradshaw is a board-certified attorney specializing in personal injury. With training from some of the 20th century’s most outstanding trial lawyers, he combines his medical experience with the most effective methodology to win medical malpractice cases. Any medical malpractice attorney can claim a deep knowledge of complex concepts, but in Brad Bradshaw’s case…

He Wrote the Book on It!

Dr. Brad Bradshaw carefully documents every clinical detail surrounding birth trauma in his Textbook on Birth Trauma. This textbook is the definitive source for new and experienced trial lawyers desiring to help families understand birth injury cases. The book also outlines obstetrical health care concepts to provide a better understanding of how to read the electronic tracings and prevent further malpractice.

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Dr. Bradshaw believes that, with deeper understanding, we all can live in a more just world. To get the justice you deserve, get to know your case with Brad Bradshaw’s experienced team of medical malpractice attorneys. Call us completely free, or discuss your case confidentially online with our free case review!

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