The Dr. Is In: Dr. Brad Bradshaw, Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

One of the most common movement disorders in the world is cerebral palsy. For millions of families navigating life with this disorder, answers and accountability can be difficult to find alone. To get the answers you need, we recommend talking to our doctor. 

Dr. Brad Bradshaw is not only a leading expert on birth trauma, but he’s also one of the nation’s most prominent cerebral palsy lawyers. To hold doctors accountable and get the answers you deserve, Brad Bradshaw is here to help. Keep reading to understand more about living with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Is…

For starters, we feel it’s best to clearly explain what cerebral palsy (CP) is. According to estimates from the CDC, about 10,000 babies a year are born with CP, making it the most common movement disorder. There are four main types of CP, including spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, and mixed.


Cerebral palsy is caused by developmental abnormalities or damage to the developing brain that limits control of motor function and movement. The brain damage that leads to CP is most commonly related to trauma during pregnancy or during childbirth


Symptoms of this disorder include limited mobility, intellectual delays, epilepsy, and vision impairment. Since this disorder directly affects motor function, afflicted children typically need assistance for mobility, and over 31% of children will require a wheelchair. The lasting effects of CP can cause intense pain for a child, heartache for parents, and financial hardships to help families adapt to daily life. 

For the millions of families affected by this disorder, holding doctors accountable for any birth trauma that takes place on their watch is incredibly important. However, finding a cerebral palsy lawyer in Springfield, MO, who understands the intricacies of this condition and the laws surrounding it is incredibly rare. That’s why Dr. Brad Bradshaw devotes his life to getting justice for families and educating other lawyers to do the same.

Medical Malpractice Is…

If you suspect that your child’s cerebral palsy is a result of mistakes by medical professionals, your case falls into the category of medical malpractice. To build a medical malpractice case, a cerebral palsy lawyer in Springfield, MO, will need to prove a direct link between a medical professional and your child’s birth trauma. To learn more about medical malpractice claims, read our related feature.

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Dr. Brad Bradshaw has extensive experience in the medical field. With that, our team of cerebral palsy lawyers knows how to investigate cases thoroughly and hold doctors accountable for their actions. Throughout every case, our practice builds your claim on hard facts to bring the clearest judgment possible. Doctors and hospitals have scores of defense attorneys to shield them, but Brad Bradshaw has decades of experience in medicine and law to bring them to justice.

Meet Dr. Brad Bradshaw

Dr. Brad Bradshaw is one of the nation’s foremost experts on birth trauma. At 18 years old, he graduated from the accelerated medical program at the UMKC School of Medicine and finished his residency at the University of Hawaii. He specializes in surgery, internal medicine, and psychiatry, with a certification in Clinical Obstetrics from Harvard Medical School. 


In addition to his extensive medical background, Dr. Bradshaw is a highly decorated attorney and author! Driven to share his knowledge of birth trauma with families and fellow lawyers, Brad Bradshaw penned the Textbook on Birth Trauma, now used in medical and law schools across the US. Using a deep understanding of medical practices with modern legal methodologies, he leads the fight alongside other cerebral palsy lawyers to get the justice families deserve.

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