What to Do After a Car Wreck in Kansas City

If you’re reading this immediately following an accident, call 911 and report your accident. Do not admit fault, and follow these 5 steps to recovery from our experienced car wreck attorneys in Kansas City at Brad Bradshaw.

1. Check for Injuries

First things first, make sure everyone’s okay. Look yourself over for injuries by addressing any immediate pain, checking for bleeding, and performing any first aid necessary.

First Aid Basics

After you ensure everyone in your vehicle is safe, stay put and wait for the authorities to arrive. You may want to help others injured outside of your vehicle, but when tensions are high, details can get muddled, so it’s best to leave the heroics to first responders.


2. Take Precautions

To move vehicles safely off the road, you should only touch property that’s yours. Our car wreck attorneys in Kansas City have dealt with accidents on many roads that could have been mitigated with the right precautions.

  • Hit Those Hazards

That big red button on your dashboard isn’t an ejection seat! Whether your car can be moved or not, turn on your hazard lights if possible and let immediate traffic know to slow down.

  • Move it or Lose It

In some cases, vehicles can’t be moved under their own power, if this is the case, you may need to leave the vehicle and get to safety. As you make it to safety, make sure your vehicle is always within eyesight. Until the authorities arrive, you have to maintain the greatest amount of evidence possible.

  • Find Your Insurance

To properly exchange information, we recommend digitally sending a picture of your insurance card. This not only gives you a way to contact the other drivers involved, but it also creates a paper trail that may be important in a case. After exchanging information, call your insurance and let them know what happened

3. Use That Camera

After you get off the phone, use that camera you’re holding to document the scene. If your phone doesn’t have one, look for traffic cameras and ask the police for their photos when reviewing your accident with them. Proper evidence is key to building a strong case.

  • Take Photos

Not all smartphones have a great camera, but some evidence is always better than none. Make sure to take as many angles of your car as possible and get photos of the other cars involved as well.

Bonus Points – Get details like tags and license plates in the picture as much as possible.

  • Take Video

While video may sound better than photo at first, it can be hard to use in a case if individuals were filmed without their permission. We recommend only using video if you can ensure it won’t include any other drivers at the scene.

4. Get Outta There

Not all drivers follow the first few steps before skipping to this one. If you’re involved in a hit-and-run, make sure to follow step 5. After you get the right medical attention, move your car to safety.


  • Medical Care

Make sure to get the recommended medical attention from first responders and a trusted physician. After you’re able to return home, make sure to get an itemized receipt from every visit to the hospital and document any follow-ups.

  • Towing and Records

No matter what happens to your property, you need to keep track of every move it makes after your accident. Maintain a record of towing bills, timelines, and where your property is located. By keeping a detailed paper trail alongside your insurance company, we can prove damages associated with any losses or repairs.

5. Find a Car Wreck Attorney in Kansas City

It’s completely understandable to want to recover in peace after your accident. However, the aftermath of an accident can be just as scary as the incident itself! That’s why finding a car wreck attorney in Kansas City as soon as possible is crucial to your complete recovery.


Our team of attorneys can help with many aspects of your accident. From having hard conversations with insurance companies, to fighting for your maximum settlement, the attorney you trust truly matters. With over three decades of experience handling auto accidents in all 50 states, Brad Bradshaw’s team is your safest bet for the smoothest recovery and low fees.



If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you need to find a trusted legal expert as soon as possible. The longer you wait for legal help after your incident, the more muddled the details surrounding your case can get. We recommend reaching out to our car wreck attorneys in Kansas City as soon as you can! Give us a call, or complete our free online intake form to start your road to recovery.

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