Ask Dr. Brad Bradshaw: Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Springfield, MO

Being one of the best-known firms in Missouri, Dr. Brad Bradshaw is used to answering a lot of questions. That’s why we’ve decided to cover some of the most common topics involved in cases we win every day. 

If you’re hurt in an accident, drivers and insurance companies can be held accountable in many ways. Here are the most common questions we get surrounding uninsured motorist coverage in our Springfield, MO, office: 

What is uninsured motorist coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage is a very important coverage on insurance policies that protect drivers and their property in an accident caused by someone without insurance. This addition to a policy is designed to compensate victims for damages that would normally be covered by someone with insurance. 


What does it help recover?

Accidents are an unfortunate part of life for drivers every year in the Queen City. From fender benders on Sunshine Street to multi-car pile-ups on US-60, there are always costs required to make a full recovery. These are the most common damages that uninsured motorist coverage in Springfield, MO, can help with:

  • Property Damage

Vehicles are typically the second-most expensive thing people invest in. To protect your investment, uninsured motorist coverage covers body work, parts, labor, towing, and more. If you’re in an accident without coverage, all of those bills would be up to you and the person at fault.

  • Medical Bills

According to the National Safety Council, the total costs of a car accident involving an injury can easily top $40,000. This can be a life-changing amount of money, which is why spending a couple hundred dollars a month on coverage is so important.

  • Lost Wages

PTO should be saved for vacations, not recovering from an accident. If you’re not able to return to work for weeks or even months, it can be difficult to make ends meet. To keep bills paid, uninsured motorist coverage in Kansas City supports a full, comfortable recovery.

  • Pain and Suffering

In any personal injury case, emotional and physical distress are always factors. To ease your pain and get back your peace of mind, our accident lawyers can use your coverage to its full extent.

Why is it mandatory?

Injuries and property damage cost accident victims thousands of dollars and valuable peace of mind. Uninsured motorist coverage is mandatory in Springfield because even if other drivers aren’t looking out for you, the Show Me State and your insurance will. This shared legal responsibility holds uninsured drivers accountable and levels the playing field for everyone who shares the road.


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What laws protect me?

Springfield, MO, lives in an at fault state, so it is always possible to pursue a claim if an uninsured or underinsured driver is at fault. This opens the door for everyone involved in an accident to be held accountable.

Drivers in Springfield are also subject to pure comparative negligence. That means if a thorough investigation determines that you’re only 10% at fault for an accident, you’re only 10% responsible. This helps to cover up gray areas in accident claims and fairly compensates all drivers for their losses.

Our team of attorneys can help you further understand the specific Missouri laws that pertain to your case. For decades, we’ve been Springfield’s go-to for personal injury, auto accident, and wrongful death claims. 

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