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Dr. Brad Bradshaw is a licensed physician, surgeon, and lawyer.

He has worked as a co-counsel and consulted with lawyers throughout the United States. Dr. Bradshaw has obtained licenses to practice law in Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Iowa, Hawaii, Washington State, and Washington D.C., and he is licensed to practice medicine in Missouri and Hawaii.

In Semi-Truck and Large Vehicle cases, Dr. Bradshaw has received multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements. In Birth Trauma and Medical Malpractice cases, he has obtained and co-counseled jury verdicts and settlements ranging from $1,000,000 to $34,000,000. Dr. Bradshaw is author of The Textbook on Birth Trauma, HIE, Resulting in Cerebral Palsy, Electronic Fetal Monitoring.

Dr. Bradshaw attended law school at the University of Missouri, Kansas City: School of Law. After graduating, Dr. Bradshaw worked briefly for the president of the Missouri Trial Lawyers’ Association in Kansas City and received training under Gerry Spence, who is arguably the best trial lawyer ever to live. Gerry said of Brad, “he is the best lawyer I have met yet…you can quote me on that”. The firm’s national headquarters located in Kansas City, Missouri, with additional offices in St. Louis, Missouri, Springfield, Missouri, and a soon to be opened office in Seattle, followed by Honolulu. Dr. Bradshaw has affiliated lawyers with offices throughout the United States and a meeting location in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Bradshaw has worked with and helped attorneys throughout the United States. Dr. Bradshaw works with a co-counsel, often called a local council, when working in states where he is not actively licensed. This website conforms to the ethical rules of Missouri, where the national headquarters is located. Dr. Bradshaw has also provided legal analysis to local Missouri television stations and newspapers. He has also been consulted by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Dr. Bradshaw has received training from some of America’s most outstanding trial lawyers of the last generation. He attended and graduated from Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in 1997. His instructors included: Gerry Spence, “Racehorse” Haynes, and Morris Dees.

Dr. Bradshaw is committed to helping injured people obtain quality medical care and full financial compensation. We constantly help people in their fight against the unfair actions of wealthy insurance companies. Dr. Bradshaw concentrates primarily in the area of catastrophic injury litigation, emphasizing injuries caused by semi-truck wrecks, birth injury/trauma, and injuries caused by other commercial vehicle wrecks. Dr. Bradshaw uses his knowledge and skills as both a physician and trial lawyer to help people obtain recoveries primarily in the areas of past and future medical care, loss of life’s enjoyments, loss of earning capacity, lost wages, and other areas of financial recovery.

Dr. Bradshaw has developed a national reputation as an acclaimed Semi-Truck Injury Lawyer with expertise in handling trucking cases (semi-truck, 18 wheelers, tractor-trailer, and commercial trucks).

He has obtained record verdicts and settlements for some of his injured clients. Dr. Bradshaw has never lost a semi-truck case. He has a 100% win rate! His peers acknowledged his experience and success, who unanimously voted him to become Chairperson of the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group (ITLG) for 2010-2011.

ITLG is a nationwide association of trucking lawyers who specialize in trucking settlements and litigation. These lawyers are members of the United States’ largest public justice organization, the American Association for Justice. ITLG’s members (now TLG – Trucking Litigation Group) come from almost every state in the United States of America.

With over 400 members during Dr. Bradshaw’s term as Chair, it was and still is the largest group of trial lawyers working together to help trucking victims in their fight against the wealthy and oppressive insurance/trucking corporations.

American Values

Dr. Bradshaw grew up in Southwest Missouri. He was accepted into the Accelerated Medical School Program at the University of Missouri, Kansas City: School of Medicine at eighteen.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Bradshaw worked in a surgical residency program at the University of Hawaii. In addition to his surgical training, Dr. Bradshaw has specialized training in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. He also received certification in Clinical Obstetrics from Harvard Medical School.

Low Fees. Multi-Million Dollar Results.

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

$65 Million Judgment

Semi-Truck Wreck Injuries

A semi-truck crashed into a car stopped in traffic—the vehicle was occupied by an older married couple and their young granddaughter. The tractor-trailer killed all occupants of the vehicle. The truck driver who crashed into the car was over his hours of service and in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations. Reports stated he never slowed before crashing into the stopped vehicle.

$4.2 Million Settlement

Birth Trauma, Cerebral Palsy, & Medical Malpractice

Failure to diagnose hematoma in a postpartum female resulting in paralysis.

$5.5 Million: Settlement

Boating & Water Injuries

Plaintiff fell from back of boat while attempting to enter, boat driven by intoxicated minor, severe lacerations to leg requiring multiple surgeries.

$25 Million Settlement

Burns & Electrical Injuries


$2.1 Million Settlement

Car Wreck Injuries

Client was passenger in a vehicle hit head on by drunk driver, drunk driver was driving a company vehicle

$4.8 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Injuries

Semi-truck hit motorcycle, causing severe injuries.

$25 Million Settlement

Premises Liability


$25 Million Settlement

Spinal Cord, Brain Injuries, & Amputations

Right arm amputation.

$3.1 Million Settlement

Workers’ Compensation

Client traveling on the job and involved in a motor vehicle collision resulting in a closed head injury.

$65 Million Judgement

Wrongful Death

Semi-truck accident resulting in 3 deaths.

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