Ask an 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Kansas City

After an accident, it’s common to have hundreds of questions flying through your mind. Even though many people are responsible, safe drivers, injury-causing accidents are an unfortunate fact of life for thousands every year. Instead of lying awake one more night with questions, cure your insomnia with answers from Brad Bradshaw, a trusted 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Kansas City.

Do you practice in my state?

We practice in all 50 states. By practicing alongside some of the nation’s top attorneys, Brad Bradshaw has spent his storied career forging strong relationships across the country. Not only do we understand the different laws in every state, but we have experienced attorneys ready to get justice wherever and whenever you need them.

What info do you need?

One of the most important aspects of any accident case is documenting the medical injuries. Make sure to complete all recommended medical care, and get itemized receipts from your hospital after you can safely return home. These receipts are important when proving injuries, but you’ll also need to prove liability.

This is where photographs and video of the property damage are extremely important. At the moment, you may not be able to take photos or video, but first responders typically have to document accidents if injuries are reported. 

To get the right information from your incident, our 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Kansas City may need documentation from the police. If you’re not sure what the report number may be, we can investigate the date, time, and location of your accident to find it.  

What’s at stake in my case?

The most common damages from trucking cases are medical bills, current and future lost wages, as well as current and future pain and suffering. These are the standard damages we seek. But every accident is unique, and your damages will be as well.

From property damage to punitive damages, we will pursue any and all damages related to your case. Punitive damages may also allow us to get an additional amount of money to punish the trucking company for its negligence. By pursuing these damages, our success sets the standard for other 18-wheeler accident attorneys in Kansas City.

What’s our experience?

We have handled hundreds of semi-truck cases around the United States. As past chairman of the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group (ITLG) for plaintiffs, Brad Bradshaw gained unmatched experience in this type of litigation. With over 400 members during his time as chair, the ITLG remains one of the largest groups of trial lawyers in the country working together to get justice for victims.

As one of the most esteemed 18-wheeler accident attorneys in Kansas City, Brad Bradshaw has stood nose to nose against many huge corporations and won every time. With hundreds of wins and 0 losses, it’s extremely rare to find a case Dr. Bradshaw isn’t able to handle. 

One example of a complex case involved responsible drivers who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Case Study

A man pulled his car to the shoulder of the highway. While this is a normal occurrence that helps avoid trouble on highways every day, his responsible act would prove fatal. Suddenly, a semi rear-ended the parked car and killed the man on impact. Since the original lawyers handling the case were not experienced in semi-accident law, they decided to consult with our office.

We started our investigation by hiring an accident reconstructionist to ensure that the car was parked completely off the road. This proved that the truck driver was completely at fault. Through further investigation, we discovered the truck driver tested positive for cocaine and was over his limit on hours of driving the day of the accident. 

With this undeniable evidence, we brought the family of the victim a multi-million dollar result. Through our investigation and effective collaboration, the family got a much larger settlement than they originally expected. This is a prime example of how Brad Bradshaw brings his experience to educate other lawyers and get victims the justice they deserve.

How much will this cost?

The real question with our unparalleled experience is how much you stand to gain! While other attorneys may charge up to 45% in early settlement fees, we always keep ours low to ensure our plaintiffs get the maximum payment possible. 

For example, in a $100,000 settlement, other attorneys may charge up to $40,000! Brad Bradshaw’s 25% settlement fee comes out to only $25,000 in this case. That gets you an additional $15,000 to recover comfortably.

How do we get started?

To get the justice you deserve, it only takes a click or a call. Our 18-wheeler accident lawyers in Kansas City and across the nation are here to get justice when you need it most. Start your road to recovery by giving us a call at the number below or getting a free case review.


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